Frequently Asked Questions

1. ) How long does it take to get a building delivered to my job site?


Once the contract is signed, builidngs take typically 1 week to produce engineereing plans and six weeks to fabricate.  Generally, once the manufacturing of the steel structure begins, the forms are set for the foundation and the plumbers to begin their phase of construction.   Foundations, site clearing & prep, and/or plumbing undergrounds will usually take around 4 weeks to complete.   This gives the foundation about 2 weeks to cure and gain strength.  This schedule allows the metal building to arrive about 2 weeks after the foundation is poured and the erection process can start immediately afterwards.


2.) Can I get my building delivered faster than 6 weeks?


Yes, there is a 3 week guaranteed delivery option available.  But many times the site pads foundations will take 3-4 weeks to construct, so this is not always a good option for most projects.


3.) Do you have any buildings that are in stock?


No.  Typically, there are very few one size fits all buildings.  Our buildings are manufactured to resist specific wind loads that get higher as you get closer to the coast (up to 140 mph).  So a building that works in Conroe (for 105 mph), wont be rated high enough for Pearland (120 mph).


4.) Can you get a permit for a residential home in the City of Houston?


Yes, although there are some specific details and construction methods that the City of Houston will require.   It will be different than stick wood frame residential.


5.) How long does it take to get a permit inside the city of Houston?


- 1 to 2 months for Architectural and Engineering plans approved by the client and ready for the first submittal to the City of Houston plan review department.

- 1 month for the City of Houston to complete the first review of the architectural plans.  There will likely be revisions and new annotations required by the City.

- 2 weeks to review and update the plans to get ready for the second submittal.  

- 3 weeks for the City of Houston to complete the second submittal review and issue the permit.


Total time to get a permit is typically 2-4 months.  The ammount of time will often be determined by the complexity of the project.


6.) Do you have any residential metal building plans?


Yes, we have many plans that we have built and concept plans that were just designs.  We are updating our plan library regularly.


7.) Can you do 2 or three story metal buildings?


Yes.  Within the metal building shell, you basically frame the interior wall and floor systems.  The interior walls can be framed out of wood or metal.  There are advantages and disadvantages to wood and metal framing, so it is important to look at the design, occupancy, costs, and loads to determine which system is the most practical.