We are a full service company. We can provide the complete package steel building, engineered foundation, permits, erection, and build out.

Metal Building Sales


Quality Steel buildings designed and delivered to your job site. Our buildings are City of Houston approved. Every Building we supply will come with a detailed set of engineered CAD drawings. Also, a stamped certification letter is included in the package.


Structural Erection Services


Purchased your steel building and need a company to provide turnkey erection services? We have experiences installation crews to fit your needs. We can provide our own heavy equipment to erect the building. If you would like to get an estimate for erection services, please contact us at 832-409-2987.​


Metal Building Engineered Foundations


Houston Steel Buildings can provide you with a complete, detailed engineered foundation design. Our foundation crews will form up, set the steel and pour concrete for your metal building.

Architectural Design


If you have the kind of project that will require detailed architectural blueprints, our company has experience designers that understand the steel building structure. We can value engineer your building in an efficient manner so that your vision of the project fits your needs.


City of Houston Permitting


Permitting in Houston or other municipalities can be daunting. Our team has experience in what the building departments are going to look for. We can package up all the necessary documents, blueprints, and engineered documents to push through your building in the most efficient manner.


Houston Barndominiums


Looking for a unique design that will provide you with large expansive rooms, all while saving $15-$20 per square foot off of conventional metal buildings? A residential metal building is something we can design and build. We are one of the only companies that can design/permit and build your residential building in the City of Houston.