Translucent fiberglass panels

Translucent fiberglass panels are an excellent way to allow natural light into a metal workshop building. These panels can be installed on the upper section of an exterior wall or in the roof area.

Picture of a continuous translucent wall panel in the upper section. The panels allow enough natural light inside the building so that lights do not even need to be turned on.

Just two 11' foot translucent panels light up the entire interior of this 30x40 metal building mid day. No artificially lighting needed.

Translucent panels can be made to be insulated and non insulated. For roof top installations, it's best to use the insulated panels if your building is also insulated. This will limit heat loss or gain through the insulated panel. Insulated panels cost about double as non-insulated. They are basically two single panels that are sandwiched together so that there is an insulating air space between.

If you are designing a metal building that will have an open area, installing translucent fiberglass panels will quickly pay off by reducing overhead lighting needs.

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